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Free Exam Creation


Get ready for the online exam by using EasyEdulab. Schools, colleges, and coaching can also use the software to create quizzes, and surveys.


This will help you screen potential students and make the admission process more efficient.


Get ahead of the competition with our comprehensive prepared Test Series for competitive exams. It will help you ace every stage of the selection process.


Measure your knowledge and abilities and get a personalized skill & knowledge report analysis with the help of our test yourself series.


Qualified teachers are in high demand, and our Teacher Recruitment Test can help you find the qualified and perfect teacher & staff for your institutes.

Online Exam Preparation

Get ready for your exams with our online exam preparation platform. It offers a variety of Test Series belongs from, and detailed reports to help students practice for a variety of exams. Score high in competitive exams with the help of our experts.

Get access to our online course and boost your preparation and Ace your next competitive exam with our proven Test preparation program!

Features List

Entrance Exam

Schools, colleges, and coaching may use this to conduct online exams on their premises like online quiz competitions.

Skill Test

Anonymus Students can come and join the running Test to prepare themselves, whoever is preparing for any completive exams like IIT JEE, SSC, etc.

Create Exam

With our feature, you can easily create multiple exams and set up rules accordingly. This makes it easy to grade and manage the student’s results.

Manage Questions

You can set up questions and answers and their pattern according to your own preferences. This makes it easy to control and customize your questions according to your needs.

Exam Management

The system provides complete control to manage exams from setting up rules and security to conducting exams to publishing results.

Detailed Exam Reports

An Admin Dashboard is given to you form where you can manage, track and analyze the details report of Exams and Results.

Exam Results

The best thing about our product is that you can share the results with your attendees at your convenience, whether it is real-time or by doing it yourself.


Users will receive detailed and analysis reports of given exams like results, answer sheets, and explanations of questions through the mail and on the student's dashboard.

Create Exam

Users will receive detailed and analysis reports of given exams like results, answer sheets, and explanations of questions through the mail and on the student's dashboard.

Analysed Report Availibility
on Email & WhatsApp

Online Exam Software where you can create your own exams, send e-mail invitations, and conduct webcam proctored and Browser Tracking online exams in a secure and monitored way.

Improve Productivity

EasyEdulab is here to help you boost your productivity that providing quick access to CONDUCT and MANAGES EXAM & RESULT so that you don't have to waste time.

It's a great tool for improving your productivity in an efficient and engaging way!

Increase Enrollment

Online Exam Creation is engaging, interactive, and helpful, so you'll be able to focus on focused and well-qualified enrolled students for your academics. EasyEdulab is here to make sure that only quality candidates get enrolled in your institutions.

Give EasyEdulab a try today and see how it can run your academia!